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Baldi Management Group (BMG) is an Airport concessions and management consulting company founded on the belief that creating exceptional customer experiences is the most important component of any successful business. Whether internal or external, every positive customer exchange increases brand loyalty, consumer confidence, and employee commitment. These experiences are what transform products and services into favorable bottom line results, and it is with this philosophy, that BMG has created a unique brand one exceptional experience at a time.




JetBlue Composting Partnership
USO Partnership

At JFK Airport’s Terminal 5, BMG partnered with JetBlue to compost food waste. In most terminals (and almost everywhere else in the country) valuable food scraps are sent to landfills, where their nutritional value is lost and they emit GHGs during decomposition.


JetBlue and BMG decided to do something different.


Through our composting partnership, nearly 300 pounds of material each day (55 tons annually) are sent to a composting facility where it is turned into fertilizer and nutrient-rich soil for farms. After collecting food waste and sending it to be processed, much of the compost is sent to McEnroe Organic Farm, an 800-acre farm in New York’s Harlem Valley that produces vegetables, fruits, poultry, and other organic items. In the program’s first seven months 590 pounds of material was composted. By the end of 2013, we were regularly collecting nearly 2,000 pounds of material per week. 

BMG is proud of the partnership we've developed with the United Service Organizations (USO) at both National Airport and JFK.

BMG provides bakery items to military personnel that use these facilities during their travel. The program allows us the opportunity to reward those that protect our freedoms and gives us an opportunity to interact with these amazing Americans.





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